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Greetings & Welcome to the 'front porch' of The Knoxville Sound! Here you will find some of the best entertainment in the world! The Knoxville Sound is not simply is the way our region lives and thrives. It can be felt in folk remedies, heard in music, seen in art and discovered in the stories our writers share and hand down through the decades. Please take some time to learn more about the neighbors we feature here. We are always looking for suggestions of those who should be shared on this site, too! Contact us anytime. Thank you for visiting The Knoxville Sound!

We need you to vote for Perry! :D 

Good morning, friends! I saw a post this morning from friend Perry J Bonck. He needs our Youtube support! In his own words:

I need your help! I'm in a competition at work that if I win I'll get to sing the National Anthem at a National conference in August. Here's what I need: Go to this link on YouTube and "like" my video. You can only "like" the video once. If you just "view" my submission it won't help, unfortunately. You'll have to register with YouTube to "like" the video. Don't worry, though. YouTube…

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Popcorn Sutton 

Popcorn Sutton's moonshine and personality are known worldwide. Many folks have chosen to remember him in song and we wanted to gather up these songs and have them all in one place for you. Please join us on our Popcorn Sutton page and enjoy some great music. We are still adding music to this page. If you have a song to suggest, please contact us with the information! Thank you!

Popcorn Sutton


We have a new feature called Sound-Off. It is your place to share what is bugging you. Check it out now!


An Exciting Update! 

We have great news! The Shadrach fundraising campaign has exceeded it's goal! What a blessing!!!!  That you to all who have been a part of this wonderful opportunity to serve our neighbors. You have prayed, sent light & love, donated and supported in friendship - such a special thing for others to come together like this! We were ticked pink when we check in with the campaign a few minutes ago. If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider their campaign, or many other stories you will see by browsing…Read more

Dear Friends 

I hope everyone out there reading this is doing well. As many of you know, this project is very sentimental to me and I am working on making it a special place to honor and show off our area's best and finest entertainers. I also strive to share news about local friends and neighbors. I have received some really bad comments in poor taste. They were just lies meant to distract from the truth... I have deleted these comments and apologize to anyone who saw them before I was able to make them disappear. Some…

Another artist who is a gift to East Tennessee! 

I hope everyone out there is having a great holiday season! We celebrated Christmas and are about to celebrate a New Year. I want you all to check out a friend of mine. He is a musician, a Veteran and one of the nicest folks in East Tennessee. He has won awards for his music. He has been a friend to The Knoxville Sound for years. You can catch him all over town, playing his signature sound.

Find him online:

Face Book: more

TKS presents artists that are gifts to East Tennessee! 

Our second artist is Tommie John Music. His music is unique and he is extremely talented. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a singer songwriter. He performs as a solo artist and as a sideman for many other bands.

Visit and like his Face Book page:

He has a website at:

Tommie John Music can also be found on Reverbnation. Become a fan on there now by clicking:

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TKS presents artists that are gifts to East Tennessee! 

Good Morning! The Knoxville Sound is celebrating local musicians and artists this holiday season. We would like you to visit the artists page(s) and 'like' them on Face Book, follow them on Twitter and/or if possible buy an mp3 or two. It is a fun way to hear great music and support those who create it. 
I decided to chose Karen E. Reynolds for our first artist. Karen is an inspiration to many. I wanted to share her first because of all of the wonderful things she does for others in our community. Not to…Read more

Jason Bush 

Jason  Bush is a local veteran who is always happy to find something fun and worthy to lend his voice to! Contact him for any voice over, advertising or radio needs!

He also operates Turnin and Burnin Woodcrafts. You can contact him directly there:
Please visit out Twitter page and connect with us! We also have a sister group on Face Book called East TN Folks. Join us and share what is going on in your world! 


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